• Personal Assistant

  • The role of a personal assistant is becoming similar to that of an executive assistant. Success being the personal assistant is determined by the level of skill, experience and personal attributes of the individual. It’s imperative that personal assistants be flexible, efficient, be of a high level of discretion and finally, must be highly proactive. Proper communication skills are also mandatory for this position. Moreover this position requires a high level of information technology, literacy and, the ability to think fast and deliver results to the highest level.

    When you want to hire a Personal Assistant, it’s advisable that you work with a reputable placement services provider. Premier Household Staffing has many years of experience offering domestic and corporate staffing services. We help our clients from around the world who need to fill the position of a Personal Assistant.

    Over the years, the roles of personal assistant have changed drastically and the people we seek to hire will need to have the requisite sets of skills and personal attributes. We exercise due diligence just to ensure that our client gets the right staff for the job at hand. At Premier Household Staffing, we guarantee you of a high staff placement service.

    We will be glad if you can call us today for your personal assistant staffing requirements.